Appendix C. Acknowledgements of Joachim Peer

I want to thank all the people evaluating DbForms and providing feedback to me. Especially I want to thank Philip Grunikiewicz and his team for their valuable contributions and comments.

I also want to express a big thank you to the people at Apache Group, especially Craig Mc Clanahan, for the wonderful software called Struts which is a generic, flexible and extensible framework for application programmers.

It is not just a great inspiration (regarding input form validation, form repopulation, etc.) but also a great repository of cool software.

In detail, I used the following components of Struts.

XML digester (this is really a great thing!)

Lots of code from BaseHandlerTag (co-written by Don Clasen and Luis Arias, Apache Group)

The XSL-stylesheet for converting taglib-docs to taglib-descriptors

These components helped me setting up DbForms much faster than I thought it would be possible.