6.1. Introduction

Jump-start Instructions for installing dbforms on Windows 2000 with a MS
SQL Server Database

Authors:  Richard Bondi (rbondi@ergito.com)
          Matthew Stein (mstein@ergito.com)
Created:  27 JAN 2003
Version:  beta 1

This document was written to help you get dbforms up and running, no more; hence the "jump-start" in the title.

Dbforms can be thought of *essentially* as an open source add-on for the Tomcat servlet server that allows you to update, delete, insert, search, and browse database tables via jsp pages, without having to write these jsp pages. It is available at http://jdbforms.sourceforge.net.

This file contains instructions for creating a dbforms installation for MS SQL Server, for a single table that has no foreign keys, and an identity column. We wrote it because the existing instructions are spread out among different files, are missing for at least one important step, and do not cover problems specific to Microsoft SQL Server.

We use a pre-release version of dbforms because in separate document, we will describe how to use tables with foreign keys, and our solution only works with the pre-release version.

In a number of places in this document, we confess our ignorance with the disclaimer "but it works for us." We would be glad to be enlightened by future readers, and to improve this document accordingly.

Please email any comments or enhancements to Richard Bondi (rbondi@ergito.com).

Richard Bondi Matthew Stein