17.4. Generating Validation.xml

generate_validation.xsl can now (included from dbforms 1.3) be used to generate the validation.xml file that dbforms uses for validation. (The source XML file is dbforms-config.xml.)

Please note that we added the attribute generate-jsp (true/false) to table tags because there were a few tables we wanted in the dbforms-config.xml file for foreign-key reasons but we didn't want tables to be generated. The line test="not(@generate-jsp='false')" returns true when (a) generate-jsp is set to some value other than false or (b) when it doesn't exist. (generate-jsp!='false' by comparison returns true only when generate-jsp is set to something other than false.) This way, its functionality is retained while making it an optional attribute as far as DevGui is concerned.


  1. Assumes that all foreign-keys are required and that the server will do its own testing for valid entry.

  2. Asserts that isKey'd columns that aren't also autoInc'd are

    • required

    • in need of maxlength validating

  3. the resulting validation.xml asserts that the database server will insure that there are no key column conflicts