17.6. Validation.xml file

In a previous section, we defined that our (dbform) form would be associated to an [entry] called 'bugs'. The 'bugs' form contained a single textField entry (referring to 'title'). Let's take a look at the resulting Validation.xml file:

      <form name="bugs"> 
      <field property="title" depends="required,mask,maxlength"> 
      <msg name="required" key="errors.required" resource="true"/> 
      <arg0 name="required" key="bugsForm.title.displayname" resource="true"/>
      <msg name="mask" key="bugsForm.error.title.mask" resource="true"/> 
      <msg name="maxlength" key="errors.maxlength" resource="true"/> 
      <arg0 name="maxlength" key="bugsForm.title.displayname" resource="true"/> 
      <arg1 name="maxlength" key="${var:maxlength}" resource="false"/> 

Its content may be summarized as follows: