19.4. Simplified Reference with New Attributes for table tag:

If a table is referenced from lots of other tables, it might be neccessary to repeat the attribute values for visibleFields and format within each foreign-key tag again and again. To avoid this, two new attributes for the table tag have been introduced:

19.4.1. Example>

So the previous example of the dbforms-config.xml could have been rewritten as:

   <table name="customer"
          defaultVisibleFieldsFormat="%s %s (Phone %s)">

        <field name="cno" fieldType="integer" isKey="true"/>
        <field name="first_name" fieldType="char" size="20"/>
        <field name="last_name" fieldType="char" size="20"/>
        <field name="phone" fieldType="char" size="20"/>


   <table name="order">
      <field name="cno" fieldType="integer" isKey="true"/>
      <field name="cust_no" fieldType="integer"/>
      <field name="order_date" fieldType="date"/>
      <foreign-key foreignTable="customer"
         displayType="select"  >
      <reference local="cust_no" foreign="cno"/>