Chapter 21. Multiple Database Connections

This is still being tested and debugged but to use this feature:

  1. specify multiple <dbconnection> elements in the dbforms-config.xml

    It is allowed to have at most 1 connection without an id within a config file. That will be the default connection.

  2. Specify the dbConnectionName to be the id of the dbconnection you wish to use in relevant tags including: dbform, tableData, queryData, getConnection, blobContent

            <db:select fieldName="tc">         
            <db:queryData name ="combinations" query="SELECT DISTINCT tc, tier, course FROM coursesORDER BY tc"

    would be used with a connection such as the following:

            id = "simple" 
        <<< this will be used for the connectionName (your arbitrary choice)
        isJndi = "false"
        isPow2 = "true" 
        connectionProviderClass = "org.dbforms.conprovider.SimpleConnectionProvider" 
        connectionPoolURL = "" 
        conClass = "org.postgresql.Driver" 
        name ="jdbc:postgresql://localhost/myDatabase?charSet=ISO-8859-1"
        username = "postgres" 
        password = ""