23.3. JBoss dbconnection configuration -JNDI name

For JBoss-3.2.0 the configuration goes as follows:

  1. Copy the proper database description file from "<JBoss-dir>/docs/examples/jca" to the deployment directory of your configured JBoss profile (for example "<JBoss-dir>/server/default/deploy") and customize it.

  2. Restart JBoss

  3. After that, the running JNDI 'nodes' can be checked using the JMX-Console (http://localhost:<port>/jmx-console), using the "listXML" operation. In my case, I had an entry saying

    --- listXML results ---
    --- /listXML results ---
  4. From this I could easily derive the correct JNDI-name, which I configured as:

    --- dbforms-config.xml ---
        id = "1"
        isJndi = "true"
        name = "java:DB2DS"
        default = "true"
        username = "user"
        password = "password"
        connectionProviderClass =
        conClass  = "COM.ibm.db2.jdbc.app.DB2Driver"/>
    -- /dbforms-config.xml ---