25.1. Introduction

With the new event system it is possible to add different (other then JDBC!) datasources to dbforms. To do so you must tell dbforms which dataAccessClass it should use in the config file (see below).

Data retrieving is done by xpath expressions for the data itselfs and for the fields. The new table attribute alias is used to retrieve the data from the system via an url. The query part is used to build an xpath expression to get the data. The url is given by:


This will retrieve the book from the booklist in the data file books.xml with the ISBN 42. For more see the documentation of xpath. Fields will be retrieved by the resulting dataset using the relative xpath expression in the attribute expression of the field.

Data access is read only up to now. Idea's how to build an generic read/write data access are welcomed. Maybe we should integrate support for an xml data base like jindice from apache?

Be sure to add the following to the lib directory in your webapp.

  1. xml-apis.jar

  2. xmlParserAPIs.jar

  3. xalan.jar