26.3. Classic navigation

Classic navigation is moved from package org.dbforms.event to package org.dbforms.event.classic in version 1.1.4. The whole navigation is simplified, unnessary classes are removed and the usage of "instanceof EventType" is removed from DbForms. The often used Hashtable of FieldValues is rebuilt with an deligator pattern to FieldValues to make the usage more fault proved (see API documentation).

Details of the class structure could be seen in the class diagram.

Figure 26.2. Class diagram of classic navigation

Class diagram of classic navigation

26.3.1. HowTo use classic navigation

To use classic navigation you must define custom events in your dbforms-config.xml:

    <!-- ========== custom events =================================== -->
        <database-event type="insert" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.InsertEvent" />
        <database-event type="update" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.UpdateEvent" />
        <database-event type="delete" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.DeleteEvent" />
        <navigation-event type="navGoto" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.GotoEvent" />
        <navigation-event type="navPrev" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.NavPrevEvent" />
        <navigation-event type="navNext" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.NavNextEvent" />
        <navigation-event type="navFirst" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.NavFirstEvent" />
        <navigation-event type="navLast" className="org.dbforms.event.classic.NavLastEvent" />

This is is necessary starting after the 1.1.4dev release. Classic navigation was the default up through 1.1.4dev