5.2. Installation

DevGui is a simple Swing application, not a web application, so you do not need a Servlet or JSP container like Tomcat to run it. These containers, however, will be needed later to run a DbForms web application that is generated in part by DevGui. For DevGui, the following will be needed.

  1. Complete the steps described in Section 4.1, “Prerequisites”.
  2. Set an environment variable named DBFORMS_HOME which points to the directory containing the dbforms distribution. For example,
    where the exact command to use depends on your operating system.
    • On Win32, you can type
       SET DBFORMS_HOME=h:\dbforms
      or you can use the system control panel. Be sure there are no spaces in the path or you will get a java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError. For example, if the path includes a directory named "Program Files" or "Documents and Settings", DbForms will not work.
    • On Unix, you can use the setenv or export commands, depending on your shell. For csh, and tcsh shells use something like the following.
         setenv DBFORMS_HOME /home/user123/dbforms
      For the sh shell, the above example would become the following.
         export DBFORMS_HOME
      For the bash and ksh shells, the above two commands can be combined into
         export DBFORMS_HOME=/home/user123/dbforms
  3. A JDBC driver for your DBMS, listed in your CLASSPATH. This will also be needed later inside the running web application.
  4. Libraries for Xalan-Java XSLT processor and an XML parser like Xerces. If your JDK is 1.4.x or later, you may skip this step. The binary distributions may be downloaded from Xalan distribution . Include xalan.jar and xercesImpl.jar in your CLASSPATH.

    You must include these libraries in your general CLASSPATH setting since DevGui does not run as a web application.