5.3. Running

Start the shell script in $DBFORMS_HOME/dbforms/bin appropriate for your operating system.

   devgui.bat (win32)
   devgui.sh  (unix,linux)

The Swing-based GUI should appear now. Documentation about using DevGui can be found in the next section.

Before using the generated application, you have to copy the stylesheet file dbforms.css and the dbformslib directory (both can be found within misc directory) to your web application. The dbformslib directory contains a subdirectory containing two icons and another subdirectory for the Javascript calendar application.

5.3.1. Alternative method of running DevGui via Ant

If you already have Ant installed, and are comfortable with tweaking build.xml files then you can use the <devgui> target. The DBFORMS_HOME directory should be set to your current location of DbForms. Make sure however that you have generated the DbForms jar by running the <jar_classes> target. You will also need to place your JDBC drivers in your ant/lib directory, or tweak the build.xml to include where your JDBC drivers are.

    ant <jar_classes>
    ant <devgui>