5.5. Use from command line or within a Java program

Normally the property file will be generated once in a GUI session. It can later be used in command line sessions to regenerate the dbforms-config.xml file after changes have been made to the database. This can be done from the command line as well as from a running Java program. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Update the property file, dbforms_devgui.config, that was generated during a GUI session as necessary.

  2. Invoke DevGui via the command line

       java org.dbforms.devgui.DevGui createconfigfile <propertyfile>


       java org.dbforms.devgui.DevGui createconfigfile <propertyfile>

    Command Line parameters are as shown below

     [-propertyfile <filename>]

    The properties can be collected into a property file and specified on the command line. An example is shown below.

       java org.dbforms.devgui.DevGui -propertyfile ./dbforms_devgui.config


       java org.dbforms.devgui.DevGui createconfigfile dbex.props dbex.xml

    If the outputfile is not specified in the command line, it will be taken from the property file.

    It is also possible to call the main() method of class DevGui from within a running Java program as in the following example.

       String[] pars = {"createconfigfile","/home/sweethome/dbex.props"};

    Command Line parameters can't be used with the createconfigfile program argument.

    The DevGui functionality XSL transformation cannot currently be called via command line or a Java program.