5.6. Additional information

More documentation about DevGui can be found in the following two articles in the articles/about_dbforms directory.

Both articles are still worth reading because they descibe ideas and principles behind DevGui. However, included information about needed libraries or the user interface is partially out of date, so please rely on the current User's Guide to install, run, and use the application.

Although DevGui is a useful tool, it is still possible that something may not work correctly when the information generated by DevGui is included in a web application. Errors in the dbforms-config.xml file often cause errors in the execution of the DbForms web application.

Whenever a change is made to the configuration file, it is wise to check the servlet engine log files for any errors listed there. In particular, if an error occurs in parsing the configuration file, it is often the case that the database connection is not processed since it occurs near the end of the file. This means that when the application is executed, a database error will be reported (usually mentioning name=null) when the real error occurred earlier in the configuration file.