7.3. Structure and screen flow of the application

To fulfill the requirements, we need to implement at minimum the following forms.

Table 7.1. Core requirements for our sample application

Edit services tableMaintain an inventory of the services the company offers.
Customer ordersMaintain a record of customer orders.
Customer complaintsMaintain a record of customer complaints.

In addition to developing a page for each of the core requirements, we'll implement the following pages for user convenience.

Table 7.2. Additional features for our sample application

Main MenuThe point of entry for the application that links to all other pages.
Edit priority tableEvery complaint must be assigned a priority level. This page allows the user to edit the valid priority codes that may be used in the complaints page.
Customer listThis page provides a listing (overview) of all customers and enables the user to select a customer and jump to the appropriate input page.
All information about customersThis page shows all orders and all complaints for a given customer on one page.

The user should be able to navigate from page to page as shown in the screen flow diagram below.

Figure 7.2. Screen flow of our application

Screen flow of our application