8.6.  Element dbconnection

This element is used to specify a connection that DbForms will use to access the database. It is possible to define more than one connection. There are attributes for some DbForms tags that allow a specific connection to be specified. If there are multiple connections, one should be designated as the default. The default connection is used unless a specific connection is specified in a DbForms JSP tag.

The nesting of subelements within the dbconnection tag is shown below.


The property element may occur zero or more times. Element pool-property may also occur zero or times. Neither of these elements can contain element content. Instead, all information is supplied in required attributes. These attributes are name and value. The attribute values are simple strings.

The dbconnection element itself has a number of attributes. All of the attributes except name are optional.

See Chapter 2, DbForms Concepts, Chapter 20, Connection Support, and Chapter 21, Multiple Database Connections for more detail about this element and for examples of its use.