11.1. First level: basic HTML and JSP - tags

As you may have noticed, the sample applications used lots of table/tr/td/br/hr tags as well as cascade stylesheets to build an average interface.

We could use other HTML/JSP code to build a better interface: For instance, we could use much more JavaScript or DHTML to create eye catching effects, or we could even include headers and footers using JSP:include elements, etc.

DbForms does not restrict you in any way.

11.1.1. Cascading Style Sheet Usage

A lot of attributes like color, background color, fonts etc. can now be easily changed at a central place by using the stylesheet dbforms.css to make generated JSPs to your liking in terms of style. The stylesheet dbforms.css can be found inside the misc directory in cvs and within the directory dist inside a DbForms distribution..

If you don't like the appearance of generated pages, it is now easy to change it.