11.2. Second level: <dbForms> - tags

Most visible tags of the dbForms Custom Tag Library provide attributes for styling, just as their HTML-pendants do (please refer the chapter DbForms Custom-Tag-Library for more information about the attributes for embellishing tags).

A special issue of styling is the action-buttons. These buttons provide additional functionality for a better styling, as the following examples demonstrate:

Example 11.1. Instantiating a standard button

        <db:gotoButton caption="Edit bears" destination="/bears.jsp" 

Example 11.2. Instantiating an image button

        <db:gotoButton destination="/bears.jsp" 
        flavor="image" src="bear.gif" alt="click to edit bears"

Example 11.3. Instantiating a HTML4 button

            <db:gotoButton destination="/bears.jsp"
         flavor="modern" style="width:220"
                <img src="bear.gif" border="0"> 
    <b>click if you want to view them</b><br> 
    (but be careful and don't feed...)

Nota bene: you should be aware that the image and modern flavored buttons are built on HTML standards not supported by all browsers. For example the modern button shown in Listing 15 wont work on Netscape 4.