CVS client setup

The complete source code of the DbForms project and the related examples is now available on the CVS (current versioning system) at

In case you do not know how to download sources from CVS, please read Sourceforge's site documentation; this document contains lots of useful information.

How to fetch files anonymously from server

Create a local directory, e.g. dbforms, on your local harddisk.

Type the following to log-in:

cvs login

and then fetch the files:

cvs -z8 co dbforms

Now you should retrieve all the DbForms source files and libraries.

How to build DbFroms from source


  • you should have Java JDK 1.3 or 1.4 installed on your system
  • you should have set the environment variable JAVA_HOME pointing to the root directory of that installation (e.g. c:\jdk1.3.1 on a Windows system)
  • you should have installed Jakarta Ant on your system
if these prerequisites are given, you only need to:
  • change to your local "dbforms" directory, which you created via CVS
  • type in ant to start the build process

The build process should make:

  • a .jar file containing the DbForms jar library
  • a .war file for each sample app in directory $DBFORMS_HOME/dist

Deploy the .war files to your Servlet 2.2+ compatible servlet container!

If you are not using MySql, you have to edit the dbforms-config.xml file to set up the database connection properly. And of course, do not forget to create the test-databases according to the *.sql files in $DBFORMS_HOME/examples directory.

Happy coding!